#1 - Why EML Manager?

With EML Manager you can archive and share emails into Google Drive with collegues and partners for projects, orders, etc.

#2 - Does EML Manager work with G Suite?

Yes, it works with all versions of G Suite: Basic, Business and for Education.

#3 - EML Manager works only with Chrome browser?

EML Manager works only with Google Chrome in order to install and associate your G Suite account with the application: then you can use any browser to use EML Manager.

#4 - EML Manager can be used with mobile devices?

You can tag emails with your mobile email app and automatically archive .eml files into Google Drive.

If you want to see the .eml file into your Drive mobile app, you need to install an .eml viewer on your Android device (you can get it for free from Google Play!)

#5 - Can I have more than one user FOR free trial?

Yes, you can have up to 3 users for free trial.

Please submit your requests compiling 3 times our free trial form, and we’ll give you a confermation by email.

#6 - how can I pay eml manager?

You can pay with PayPal or with bank transfer. In order to purchase EML Manager please fill this form:

  • if you want to pay with PayPal we'll send you a PayPal payment request
  • if you want to pay with bank transfer we'll send you more detailed information.

#7 - When can I START WORKING WITH EML Manager?

When you order EML Manager by filling this form, we'll immediately activate it and send you an email as confirmation. Please complete the payment within 1 week from your order.

#8 - Where EML Manager can be found?

You can activate EML Manager from Chrome Web Store. You need a free trial email confirmation before being ready to use it.

#9 - the EML Viewer is not shown in Google Drive

You probably have not enabled the option "Allow users to install Google Drive apps" for your G Suite domain's settings. Be sure to have this option checked, and then re-install the application.

#10 - I have uninstalled the product, but I keep receiving failure notifications emails

You have probably followed an incorrect procedure to uninstall the product. Please refer to this guide for the correct procedure and some additional information about uninstall issues.

#11 - I cannot read an eml with the Eml Viewer because I keep getting AN error screen

You probably have two different accounts set up for the same Chrome user. The application runs only as the main Google Chrome user. Set up a new Chrome user for the other account and retry with that one.

#12 - I cannot print an eml opened with the Eml Viewer

This is a known issue. The workaround is as follows:

  1. select all the text with CTRL+A
  2. then left click on the text
  3. then click on Print.

#13 - I keep receiving the email message "Summary of failures for Google Apps Script Eml Manager" about "Authorization is required to perform that action"

The application needs to be authorized again to access your data on Google: please go to this link and click on the "Review permissions" button.

#14 - I have already unistalled the application, but I still receive "Summary of failures for Google Apps Script Eml Manager"

You have probably followed an incorrect procedure to uninstall the product. Please refer to this guide for the correct procedure and uninstall issues.